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The Mission

The world is in the process of splitting; right against left, East against West, rich against poor, traditional against alternative and religion against religion. Among the people worldwide, hopelessness and powerlessness are spreading, slowly turning to despair and hatred. "PLeace Awaken!" was founded to build bridges and launch initiatives that pick up where suffering and helplessness dominate life.

PLeace Awaken uses sports, music, solidarity, and support initiatives to bring influencers, celebrities, and charities together to ensure lasting and long-term change on a global scale. As an international advocacy group, community project, and global think tank, we host golf events and roundtable discussions to create positive change worldwide by finding solutions to eliminate violence and poverty, observe human rights, and counter misinformation.

Our Vision

PLeace Awaken envisions influencing global policy changes and bringing together impactful, philanthropic, and influential people and organizations to brainstorm solutions for humanitarian problems. The transformation of a world begins by showing up and finding solutions to one humanitarian problem at a time.

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