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PLeace Golf World !

Golfers, celebrities, pros and amateurs, have the chance to participate through a virtual golf ranking. Once registered on the app, any individual tournament round can be entered as a virtual golf round anytime and anywhere around the world. Simply register, and once the status has been verified, registration is then available for any individual tournament you choose to play. When a total of 50 virtual players have entered, the next game will start. Once the round is complete and certified, the scores will be calculated to find the position attained, these points for the position attained, will be allocated into a combination of all the virtual events played, resulting in the ranking list. From these rankings, the top 10 players of each of the eleven regions will qualify for the respective event. All the PLeace Awaken event winners and the top 10 ranked of each year, will qualify to play the Living Legends Final.

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For those who do not play golf and are not sponsoring, tickets will be made available to come and watch, meet the celebs and catch some autographs. Please check the individual pages for pricing and availability.

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