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Coping with burnout, rage and despair




Dates 14. December, 2019
Venue TBA

Approximately one million people die from suicide every year, which means every 40 seconds, one person can no longer cope with the circumstances of their life. At this rate suicides outnumber deaths by war and homicide. What is even more alarming, is the number of people whose pain is so deep that they decide to take others with them. Mass shootings and other killing sprees have sky-rocketed in recent years as our society is splitting further and further apart. The divide between rich and poor, conservative and liberal as well as cultural and religious differences have driven too many people into isolation and despair. Old-age- and child poverty, post-traumatic stress, built-up debt, burnout and depression, all have reached almost epidemic proportions. According to some experts, more than half of the children in the modern world are suffering from ADHD, burnout or chronic illness, while bullying, peer pressure and the usual learning stress also increase. What is desperately needed are solution approaches and support systems that help keep more people from falling through the cracks of society. PLeace Awaken will assemble a group of interdisciplinary experts of psychology, child development, trauma counseling and pioneers of old age care and living, to tell their stories and share concepts to inspire an audience of dignitaries, international celebrities and economic leaders into action. We hope to see you there, and please check back as our round-table grows.

Check back soon for the round table participants!

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