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The PLeace Awaken Golfers are tour professionals and celebrities: 

Actresses & actors, singers, authors and entertainment personalities that are household names on a national or international level;

Politicians, dignitaries, world & economic leaders with national and international impact.

Famous sporting personalities: 2 major titles on a national level and/or Hall of Famers in the following sports: tennis, rugby, American football, cricket, baseball, soccer, formula 1 racing, basketball and alpine skiing; extraordinary individual achievements of other sports.

Living Legends, past, present & future: tour professionals with at least 2 Major Titles won on a national level, Hall of Famers or individuals with extraordinary accomplishments in the sport of golf.

The celebrities and legends of the PLeace Awaken Celebrity & Living Legends Golf Tour support our causes & partner charities, engage in humanitarian initiatives and raise their voices for mutual uplifting, kindness & compassion, and for the creation of positive social change.

One World. One Home. One Heart. 

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