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Our Registered Nonprofits and PBOs



We are launching nonprofit companies, public benefit organizations and registered charities in all the countries were hosting events in to:
  • launch uplifting community projects based on our roundtables
  • cooperate with local organizations and charities to assist with local issues
  • Initiate school projects and safe havens to further educate on human rights and environmental issues
  • print media on positive information
  • television and video productions on environmental development and social issues
  • publication of data, facts and statistics for the development of solutions with positive aspects
  • build political bridges between disputing countries and cultures through large-scale projects
  • crosslink people for mutual assistance
  • web-portals on to the above mentioned issues

How we finance ourselves:

The financing of PLeace Awaken is carried out by:

  • donations
  • capital contribution of own funds
  • Crowd-Funding for the individual projects
  • grants
  • Sponsors for the individual projects and events


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